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  • Huge Variety of Selection for All Seasons ... Cotton & Blends, Ramie/Linen & Blends, Rayon, Nylon, Polyester, Corduroy, Chambray, Denim, Velveteen, and Pocketing Fabrics. Most fabric compositions can also be produced with Spandex, either using Dupont's Lycra brand or other cost effective brands, as per our buyer's requirements.

  • Sophisticated Finishes & Embellishments ... For Bulk Orders, we include additional treatments such as Mercerizing, Pre-Shrinking (Sanforizing), Desizing, Softening, Singeing, Scouring, Bleaching and Skewing. A full array of sophisticated finishes designed to make the fabric Fire Retardant, Water Repellent, Water Proof, Anti-Static, Moth Repellent, Anti-Crease (Permanent Press), Anti-Bacterium or Soil Releasing. Other popular post production processes include Embroidering, Sequins, Peaching, Brushing/Sanding (for Peach Skin effect), Brushing/Raising, Calendering, Embossing, Hardening, Foam Printing, Chintz, Crepe, Crinkle, Washer, Resin, and PA/PU/PVC Coating

  • Certificate / Awards of High Standards ... KAVI's  fabrics go through High Standards of Testing Based on AATCC (USA)/ASTM (USA)/ ISO (International)/BS (UK) for Major Markets. Most of our Collaboration mills are certified with ISO 9001/Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

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